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Media Mayhem 247

Hello, I'm Alete'


I am a first generation entrepreneur in my entire family. I got started off as  a Social Media Manager due to my ability to build a strong brand personal for myself.


Just two years after being a Social Media Manager and $7k of investing in my knowledge; I am now a proud owner of a digital marketing agency who is passionate about helping women CEOs nail their digital marketing presence and build authority in their industry.


We work with current and aspiring coaches, consultants, and freelancers to customize a profitable strategy for their social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. There's a power found in using your knowledge to build authority in your niche to impact the world.


At Media Mayhem 247, we understand that change is not always easy; especially when it  comes to keeping up with social media marketing. We’ve been helping female owned companies of all sizes respond to industry changes in order to stay competitive in their market. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority.


Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the future by increasing your reach, generate consistent leads, brand awareness, and boost your conversion rate.

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