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  • "How does this work for someone as a thought leader?"
    Outsourcing social media tasks to an agency can benefit a thought leader, coach, or consultant by allowing them to focus on their core strengths. The agency can maintain authenticity by closely aligning with the leader's brand and values, ensuring consistent messaging. By managing content creation, posting schedules, and engagement, the agency can free up the thought leader's time for strategic thinking and client interactions. This partnership ensures that the coach or consultant's expertise remains at the forefront, while the agency handles the technical and creative aspects of social media. Ultimately, the thought leader can continue building their reputation and authority while delegating the day-to-day social media management to professionals.
  • "Will hiring a team destroy my relationship with people I have connected with or will they leave generic DMs or comments on post?"
    This is why it's important to vet out who you want to hire for your social media account. Things to keep in mind: Do they understand your audience? Do they understand your culture? Can they match your tone of voice? Do they clearly understand your brand message? Most importantly, do they understand you? Remember: hiring a social media team does not and should not replace your brand's unique personality. Balancing professionalism with authenticity is key to building and maintaining genuine connections while benefiting from their expertise and efficiency as your social media team.
  • "Will I lose creative control when outsourcing my social media task?"
    When you hire your marketing team, you will never lose your control. Most agencies conduct either a monthly or weekly meeting to go over your account, your goals, and where you can address concerns, etc. This helps make your partnership work. Before any content is posted or sent, there is an approval process that takes place. Never feel like you don't have a say in your business because you get the last say. We, as experts, can only make recommendations.
  • "What do you want your ideal customers to understand before working with you?"
    We are not magicians, so the best thing that a client can do for us before hiring is: understand the type of services or tasks they need to be done and how we can best help them. Also, have their goals in place. They also need to have branding. If you have blogs, emails that you're sending out on a regular, if you have any behind the scenes content, any videos you've previously recorded, anything that you can give us help you better is beautiful. Clients who have lead magnets and they decide they want to share them with us so we can help them. Clients who invite us onto every onboarding meeting that they have with their entire team. I feel like before a client hires a social media manager or team, they need to first understand who they are, who they want to be known for, who their target audience is and what are their goals for their business. And the goals need to surpass social media goals. It needs to be like real life goals that you have for your business so that when we create these social media goals, they align with your business goals. We are not YOU in YOUR business. You still have to show up and build that authority. You still have to show up and make sure that your team is on one accord on what's going on. You have to still make sure that your social media is in alignment with your website, your core offer, everything. We need you to understand that you are still the voice of your business. And without you, it would never be possible to build a successful brand. So, we just wanna make sure that you know that you are the key factor that helps your brand stand apart.
  • "What made you decide to help women with Social Media?"
    I am all things women. That means empowerment, encouraging support, inspiring, uplifting. It's just who I am. It's in my DNA, it's in my makeup. But people don't know: I'm also a women empowerment speaker. So, anytime people have speaking engagements, they'll reach out to me to speak, to pour into women and to uplift them and to inspire them. And I've often been told that when I speak, my voice and my tone and my delivery commands attention.
  • "Why did you start your business?"
    I became a social media manager because someone was searching on social media for some type of help. They love the content I was putting out and the consistency because at that time, I was just putting out a ton of valuable content. I never seen it as a business or anything that I can make money off of. I just seen it as let-me-offer-some-tips-to-the-community. Like, why not? She later DMed me and then asked me: could I manage her social media? I told her, “I didn't know what that consisted of, but let me do some research and I can get back to you”. I did my research, went, and got back to her and then she said that she would love to hire me. I told her I would love to do it for her and I told her I wanted to charge her a start-up fee. Because I didn't want to charge her what everybody else is charging because, of course, I was new to it. She ended up agreeing to it. She happened to be my client for two whole years and happens to have a second hair salon that she gained during my management.
  • "What is one piece of content you’re sick of seeing?"
    I think there's so many. But for me, I think it's the Clickbait content. “This is how you can connect to your followers today.” “This is how I gain $100k in 10 days.” This is how I did anything that, that...that we know can't be proven that this is what you really did. It's not gonna be the same for everybody you work with or everybody who tries to use that strategy that you're putting out there that annoys me. I just, I don't see the point in that. I feel like if you're not really gonna give people value, then just don't do anything. But, I also feel like as, as providers or I mean, as clients, we have to also make sure we're mindful of the type of content we're consuming and who we're consuming it through. Therefore, that will help us make it a little easier so we're not getting scammed or not feeling like this didn't work for me. But, I'm not a fan of Clickbait content. Just let me throw out this obnoxious absurd thing, this is the result that you can get because I know you want to get that result. Then, once you go through the process, you don't get the result. That's just a no for me.
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