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Alete is truly a God send. She is dependable, creative, and knowledgeable. I am a very busy business owner, so I appreciate that she is a self-starter and proactive. The fact that I can duck in and out and offer direction but when I do not I know that she will keep everything going is golden for me. Her social media knowledge increased my followers as well as my engagement from followers. Lastly, I really like Alete’s flexibility mixed with confidence. When I want something changed or have feedback she takes it all in and adjust without any issues at all. However, when she knows it is consequences to what I am asking for she educated me and then we figure out together the best path forward. Alete is my secret weapon, my MVP!


I hired Media Mayhem 247 for the social media management for my boutique. I hired them because of the wonderful job I saw them do for others. I knew the right decision was made when my business began to grow immediately!
If you are looking for help and to grow your brand I highly recommend this company. You will not be disappointed.


Alete is amazing. I contacted her to get a flyer done and she delivered. Turnaround time was quick.


I had the Best experience. If I could give this review 10 stars I would. I am not computer savvy so I’m grateful I was able to work with someone who has the knowledge and was patient and took their time with me I’m an so appreciative. I love my website every detail that I ask for came out better than I expected and I will be using their services in the near future.


I hired Alete as my IG/FB manager to not only help with cleaning my page, finding my niche, branding my company and helping me learn my target audience through my insight. She feels more like a sister and helps me see the bigger picture on where she’s trying to take me. I would definitely recommend any of her services.


Alete has been a superb social media manager for my brand. I'm based in the UK and I really needed someone who understands not only my industry but also social media strategy and management. Thank you for taking my IG to another level!!

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