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Done for you services

WHO IS THIS FORBusiness Owners who are ready to save their precious time and leave it our experts. Let us take of your:


✔ Monthly Strategy Call

✔ Comprehensive Analytical Reports

✔ Content Creation & Implementation

✔ Ongoing Industry Research

✔ Proactive Communication M-F

✔ Graphic Designs for Social Media Campaigns

✔ Daily Inbound & Outbound Engagement
✔ Reels Prompts & Trend Updates

✔ Profile Optimization

✔ Caption Creation, Proofreading, & Copywriting

✔ Hashtag Research

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Do it yourself services

WHO IS THIS FOR business owners who are ready to learn how to do it themselves.

What’s included in this session: 

  • A personalized 90-minute 1:1 social media strategy that is data and goal driven to generate results for your social media account.

  • We will discuss your current social media strategy and how to improve it.

  • How to optimize your social media platform and bio.

  • Your business goals, how to achieve them, and what KPIs to track.

  • Map out 20 Content Ideas for the upcoming month.

  • Understand how to build your authority.

  • You will also get the opportunity to pick my brain about social media

  • Unlimited Slack support for 2 weeks

Copywriting & Proofreading Services

WHO IS THIS FORBusiness Owners who have content but need a second set of eyes on their content to ensure that their message makes an impact. This includes:


✔ Grammar & Punctuation

✔ Blog Writing

Elevate your brand's online presence with our comprehensive service, leveraging the power of SEO optimization. We go beyond visuals, ensuring your captions and blogs are meticulously crafted to market your brand effectively. Aligned with your brand voice and audience, our strategic approach guarantees that each caption serves a purpose, adding value to your content. By prioritizing SEO, we boost your brand's visibility, drive sales, and enhance community engagement, ensuring a meaningful impact in the digital realm.

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